Nesquik. Right time, Wrong place?

A few days ago Nesquik launched into Second Life onto the Activ8 island. For anyone who didn’t know, Nesquik is a milk flavouring product owned by Nestle and promoted primarily using the Nesquik bunny.


At the venue, QuikSk8 Park, the focus is clearly about having fun, with free skateboards available to ride in the park. There’s also a shack with promotional messages about lactose intolerance.

Bigger picture…

Food and drink companies have to think long and hard about metaverse marketing strategies. After all, their products can not be directly translated into a virtual environment. For these companies, virtual world marketing is about brand extension and leverage much more than being product-centric.

Nesquik, has in a way attempted to translate their brand values with this project. Visiting the Nesquik website you can see a lighthearted tone with some interaction.

But, there’s a serious problem here.

Who is the target market for Nesquik? Is it late 20’s to early 30’s (as the main age group represented in SL) tech and media savvy early adopters? Or is it young kids? Or maybe it’s the mothers and fathers that actually purchase the product in supermarkets?

If the target is kids, then from a media planning perspective, quite simply it’s the right time but wrong place for them. There’s no kids in Second Life – try There or Kaneva, in fact, go even younger, into Whyville, Club Penguin or Habbo.

If the target is mothers and fathers, then the treatment and execution of this project again is out of focus – ever skateboarded in Second Life? Or even wanted to?Somebody please tell me if I’ve missed the point here!?