Yves SLaint Laurent

French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has followed the lead set by Calvin Klein a few months ago by promoting a fragrance in Second Life.

CK used SL to tie-in with the launch of IN2U – A Rivers Run Red campaign.

Like the Food and Drink category, Perfumes are at first take a difficult product to promote in a virtual landscape for obvious reasons. The key here is applying a branded experience rather than being product centric.

Marketers can order the Luxury Brands sector case study here.


YSL is using a fuschia-themed island in SL on a tactical basis during October to promote their new fragrance Elle.


Marketing Director of YSL Fragrances, Thomas Lalague commented.

“Elle is geared toward “an active woman who is urban and contemporary, daring and elegant, attractive and bohemian, smart and sexy. A woman who is open to the world and who wants to express her personality.”

The theme of the island is the story of Elle using audio/video of the TV spot as well as rooms containng further information.

Supporting the initiative is a microsite and here’s the SLurl.