VW User Profiles: Miss Bimbo

Virtual fashion site Miss Bimbo attracted its fair share of media attention in 2008, mostly relating to the potential negative themes of the site and their impact on young girls. Looking at the user data, it would appear that Miss Bimbo actually attracts an older audience than the media would lead us to believe. Interestingly since launch over 2m registered accounts have been created. Here’s the age profile for registered, active and paying users.

miss bimbo user data.016The highest represented age proportionately for registered and active users is 19, with mid to late teens also well represented.

Looking at paying users presents a slightly different profile and demonstrates the fact that conversion (from active to paying) increases with age. Nothing ground breaking in this conclusion but it’s always nice to see this shown graphically.

Paying users are shown by the orange line in the chart and the trend to track is how this line relates to the red (active) and registered (burgundy).

Up to age 18, paying users are under represented compared to registered/active, meaning monetisation/conversion is harder for these younger users. However, as the paying line tracks above registered and active post 18 years, it shows the higher ability to monetise.

The first chart below shows the age profiles cumulatively and the second is the top 10 countries.

miss bimbo user data.017Picking a data point to look at, for active accounts, 60% of them age 17 and under.

This compares to 18 years old accounting for 60% of the registered accounts. And, for paying users, 60% of them are aged 22 and under.

The USA and UK jointly account for over 40% of registered accounts. Brazil pops into third place but is quite a way behind the first two.

We have a media pack containing more detailed insight Miss Bimbo, which can be requested here.

miss bimbo user data.019