VW registered accounts for Q1 2011 reach 1.185bn

Registered accounts in the virtual worlds sector have reached 1.185bn during Q1 2011. That’s the high-level finding from the latest KZero Universe chart.

The break-out by age band is shown below:

The Q1 2011 total of 1.185bn is a 104m increase on Q4 2010. The 10 to 15 age segment continues to dominate the sector with 561m total accounts, assisted greatly by Habbo with 200m accounts and Stardoll with 94m. This growth was also asssisted by strong performances by Wizard 101 and Club Penguin.

Shown below is the segment for 5 to 10 year olds where you can see Poptropica and Moshi Monsters going from strength to strength. We’ll be making the full report available over the next few weeks via our report order form.

In the meantime, the full chart and accompanying segments can be seen on our Facebook page. You never know – if you ‘like’ our Facebook page then you might just get the full report a little earlier (it’s a bribe but it’s a good bribe).