VirtualWorldsNews Interview: HiPiHi Founder and CEO

VirtualWorldsNews Interview: HiPiHi Founder and CEO. VirtualWorldNews, the blog supporting the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo has just released the transcript of their interview with Hui Xu, Founder and CEO of HiPiHi. Read the full interview here.


VWN: What sort of customers are you looking or? I know you’ve said that you’re looking for “anyone with a computer and net connection,” but what sort of people do you think you’ll attract, and how will they use HiPiHi? Do you have any demographics numbers or other user statistics from the beta that you can release?

HX: People who enjoy the challenge, full of innovation spirit, have ability to create and share, are those we want to attract as customers. They are all smart, well educated and understand the value of the 3D Internet very well. HiPiHi should be a perfect platform for those people to explore the possibility of the virtual life by creating, exchanging, entertaining and socializing. Up to now we have invited nearly 13,000 users, with 85% of those having college or above degrees, with 50% of the users between 18-25, with 62% of the group educated in science and technology. Most of our testers come from major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

In terms of gender profile, 80% of them are male, and the rest (20%) are female. About 15% of the users are of overseas origins.