Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo

Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo: Following on from the first virtual worlds conference in New York back in March, next week sees the event move to San Francisco.

This conference has a very wide range of topics including:

Entertainment and Marketing

  • Advertising in Virtual Spaces
  • ROI – How the Rules Are Changing *
  • Entertainment in Virtual Worlds – It’s Not Games. it’s Not TV. It’s….
  • Case Studies from leading entertainment companies, brands and agencies
  • Kids and Teen Worlds – What You Need to Know
  • Learn from marketers, brands and agencies
  • Measure real-world results and campaign metrics

Virtual Worlds for the Enterprise

  • Putting Virtual Environments to Work
  • Security and Technical Implementation Issues
  • Business Process Management
  • Applications that Work
  • Best Practices for Employees in Virtual Worlds
  • Creating a User Community in Second Life
  • How to go big – or go small.

Community and Customer Service

  • Community Management in 3D Spaces
  • Managing Social Interactions in Virtual Worlds: Tools and Techniques
  • Demographics and Numbers: Where Things Are and Where They’re Headed **
  • Event Planning – Keeping Users Engaged
  • The Importance of Narrative: Keeping Your Community Involved
  • Understanding the Avatar – Why Are People Here Anyway?
  • Interface issues and designing engaging simulations

* Moderator

** Panelist

More information can be found here. Ping me if you’re going to this event and would like to meet up.