The perception of the brands in Second Life

The perception of the brands in Second Life: Reperes market research part one.

Paris-based market research agency Reperes have just sent me their study on the perception of the presence of brands in Second Life. This is the latest of several market research studies on Second Life.

The report looked at the perception of the brands already in SL, offers advice for establishing a RL brand and gives an evaluation of the marketing initiatves deployed by brands to date.

Contributing to the research were 1,085 avatars interviewed between 13 – 18 March 2007.

Over the next few posts I’ll break out the main findings from this report and I wanted to start with some analysis I found in part surprising – the brand recall (prompted and spontaneous) of the companies in Second Life.


Coming out on top is Adidas with 69% awareness from the study. No surprises here as the virtual Adidas store is an obvious interpretation of a first step into SL and is frequently referenced in the media.

BMW bests Mercedes Benz which I feel is slightly surprising and also of interest because the Mercedes island is a much better consumer venue than BMW.

The Starwood Hotels Aloft concept scores weakly. I think this is due to the fact that this island was from ‘the early days’ (2006) and therefore the newer residents missed the coverage. Shame, because it’s a great place.

What surprised me the most was PA Consulting. They came bottom in this research which is odd because they push their venue hard with good events and initiatives such as their demo second island.

More insight into this market research to follow.

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