SL major brands no.15: BMW

SL MAJOR BRANDS NO. 5. BMW. Quietly opening up their island, BMW stepped into Second Life with the BMW New World – Home of BMW CleanEnergy. The carmaker has decided to use SL initially to demonstrate their Hydrgen 7 and H2R vehicles that run on clean emissions. Here’s one of them.

The BMW venue in SL appears to be in collaboration with PA Consulting, judging by the landmark link and PA has made it clear that they’re seeking partner alliances. [Update Feb 9, PA Consulting did not actually do this build].


BMW join a growing list of automobile companies in SL, including Nissan , Toyota and Pontiac. Unfortunately for BMW, all three of these competitors have done a better job at creating an interactive experience. The BMW venue is slightly too clinical and is lacking real design values – and has vastly over-used the colour white. But, let’s see what happens from here. Mercedes are you listening?