Playing away with Feyenoord

The NBA has done it. MLB has done it. AC Milan and Ajax have done it.

Done what?

Created presences in Second Life to promote sports and clubs in virtual worlds.


To reach out into new target markets and expand fan-bases globally.

After all, we’re already seeing this trend take place in the real world. A NFL game took place last year in London between the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins – I was there, it rained, unfortunately. And there’s even talk of the Premier League playing matches overseas.

So, view these types of projects in virtual worlds as part of a wider marketing strategy to penetrate new geographical markets and tap into lucrative fan-bases overseas. The added benefit of course is the creation of an online destination for existing fans. In a way, a micro vertical world inside Second Life.

The latest team to tip their virtual toes is Dutch football club Feyenoord.


The island (designed by Slionhead) features daily news videos from the teams dedicated TC station, a fanshop with replica kits, a history room and there’s also events planned such as player meet and greets. All good stuff – let’s see how well this venue is at attracting and retaining visitors.

The possibility of streaming live matches into the SIM might help. Here’s the SLurl.



Nice shorts guys.