Playboy hits the V spot

Do you work for a real world brand looking to do business in virtual worlds? If so, where do you start in terms of developing a strategy? Well, you can always contact K Zero. And, reading what Playboy is up to in virtual worlds is another good place to start.

Playboy has had a presence in Second Life since June 2007 – the normal set-up – a branded island. However, where they are being smart is with an initiative initially reported on by the New World Notes blog.

The company is selling Playboy-branded items on the island created by residents inside Second Life – they are tapping into the expertise incumbent in-world. This is a very clever thing to do and actually something K Zero pioneered (for real world brands) with our L’Oreal Paris campaign.

Taken from James Wagner Au’s story on New World Notes:

“Initially we approached retail by creating replica versions of real clothing that is sold at,” Green Grotto’s MSGiro Grosso tells me. “Over time we decided that we would make that a smaller portion of the retail experience and engage some of the top designers in SL to create exclusive SL-only Playboy collections as well as provide them with the opportunity to re-sell some of their existing clothing line and expand their brand.” It’s a bold move, considering how sensitive and protective corporations are with their labels and trademarks (even Linden Lab themselves)– especially Playboy, one of the most well-known brands on the planet.

For companies in the real world operating in retail-based sectors, this is a classic example of how to deploy a ‘fit for purpose’ virtual world marketing campaign.