New hotel opens up in Second Life

New hotel opens up in Second Life. Turkish luxury hotel chain Rixos becomes the third hotelier to set-up in SL.

Of course, the forerunner in this category was Aloft, from Starwood Hotels - an initiative that drew plenty of attention in terms of using SL as a market research platform as well as a high profile PR exercise. Second was Crown Plaza with their ‘Place to Meet‘ project.

Order the Tourism and Travel case study here.

Of course, avatars don’t need sleep, so why place a luxury hotel into SL? Brand positioning is the key here. Visitors to the island are able to get a feel for what a typical Rixos hotel is like – the design, layouts, facilities etc etc. And all of this is provided on an immersive basis on a similar basis to the various tourism marketing venues already in SL.


Eyup Kaplan, Web Marketing Manager at Rixos said:

The inspiring new trends and ever-growing number of global residents in SL drew our attention as a promising horizon. With developing consumer and marketing activity, SL will become an important world market.”

Here’s the SLurl for Rixos Island