Miss SL Universe 2008. The competition hots up

Looking good in Second Life is an art form and indeed an economy in itself with a multitude of stores and shops allowing avatars to customise their appearance.

Taking this theme to the extreme is the Miss SL Universe 2008 competition. An event organised by Frolic Mills, the CEO of the Best of SL Magazine and currently preparing for the grand final on January 19, 1pm SLT.

The final is going to be broadcasted live by the Second Life Cable Network (SLCN) showing the contestants strut their stuff and answer the obligatory questions.

Will there be prizes? Of course. There’s over L$250,000 in cash and prizes available and the winner gets to feature of the cover of the February issue of the Best in SL magazine. Who knows, they may even become a virtual celebrity.

Here’s the 12 finalists.

Miss Brazil – Willamina Fitzgerald


Miss Canada – Cherie Parker


Miss Costa Rica – Pup Witherspoon


Miss Germany – Payton Heron


Miss Greece – Babyhoney Bailey


Miss Hong Kong – Mui Mukerji


Miss Israel – Elisne Allen


Miss Norway -Harmonica Aabye


Miss Spain – Isabel Brocco


Miss Trinidad and Tobago – Pat Young


Miss United Kingdom – Chloe Looby


Miss USA – Summer Deadlight


And speaking of virtual celebrities, the panel of judges includes some pretty well-known people in SL including:

  • and Callie Cline: Writer, content creator, spokesperson and model

It’s interesting to note that although this event has originated and is being deployed entirely in-world, its basis is still on real world places – countries. So, some food for thought…

How long until this type of campaign uses Second Life regions as opposed to real countries?

How long before we see cross-world competitions?