Mercedes Benz driving, of a different kind

Mercedes Benz driving, of a different kind. Mercedes has just launched virtual golf over on Mercedes Benz island.

Now, virtual golf in Second Life is not a new idea, but nevertheless, it makes sense for Mercedes Benz to use an initiative like this. I don’t have any hard and fast statistics on the correlation between MB drivers and golfers, but I’d bet my M Class and pitching wedge that it’s pretty high.


So, this is an exercise in further building the SL community of Mercedes Benz fans by offering activities complementary to the overall Mercedes experience.

You play golf via the HUD and receive a branded golf bag (of course), some clubs and a natty outfit. It remains to be seen if they hold any competitions, but expect this to happen sometime in the near future. And, the winner will receive a brand new real C Class – just kidding.


Thanks to Mercedes Beaumont for giving me the tour. Learn more about the overall Mercedes Benz strategy in Second Life here.