Japanese retailer hits the mainland

Japanese retailer hits the mainland. Another Japanese project, this time in the retail sector. Japanese catalogue retailer Cecile has opened a store in the Ginza district of Second Life.


Similar to the Suruga Bank project (in the banking category), this initiative is clearly a first foray into virtual retailing. This is a straightforward virtual version of a real-world shopping experience. Inside the store are product images hyperlinked out to the Cecile website.


Personally, I’m not a great fan of using real world imagery in Second Life – it kind of defeats the point of virtual creativity. And, in a sector as popular as clothing in Second Life where hundreds of shops sell virtual clothing, a better approach here would have been to create virtual versions of all the clothing featured.

Cecile has actually done this at front of store to a small degree. They’re offering free versions of the D-Suit, for men and women. Shame they didn’t carry this through the entire project.