Coldwell Banker – looking out for the newbies

Coldwell Banker – looking out for the newbies. US-based real estate company Coldwell Banker is using Second Life as a way not only to position its brand in a virtual world but also offer a service dedicated to the residents living in it – virtual land services.


The company has bought major tranches of land in SL and is making it available (for buy or rent). The important aspect here though is the fact that they are offering the land at below market value. A good move? Well, land is a backbone to the economy in Second Life and is often very difficult to obtain, so this service is extremely useful for people wanting property in SL and at the same time positions the Coldwell Banker brand positively. So yes, a good move.

Senior Vice President for Marketing, Charlie Young is quoted as saying:

“In the end this is about buying and selling homes in the real world,” he says. We’re trying to figure out how to reach what we call the ‘new consumer’….

…A small number of land barons mostly control real estate in Second Life and we thought we could bring real estate to the masses.”

In another demonstration of commitment to the residents in SL, Coldwell Banker decided to locate on the mainland as opposed to a dedicated island. The venue is located in the Ranchero region and virtual helicopter tours are available to interested residents to visit their desired properties.


This project was completed by Code4Software, a Florida-based developer of customer software solutions. Further information can be obtained from Jared Freedman.

Companies entering Second Life should always start with assessing how to take their real world expertise into a virtal environment and from here, work to create services (or product) specific for virtual consumption.