Armani to create virtual store (to join all the others)

Armani to create virtual store (to join all the others). Several reports are circulating that Giorgio Armani will shortly be launching a virtual store in Second Life. The SL launch is being tied into a wider strategy to implement e-commerce solutions across the Armani brand range.

So, an interesting initiative here. One has to assume that Armani will be recreating popular real world clothing and accessories inside a virtual shop. Nothing new here really.

But, what’s interesting is the fact that you can already buy many Armani branded clothes in Second Life already – unofficially. Several SL stores (45 in total) promote Armani products. Here’s a few screenshots.


Here lies the decision (or dilema) for Armani – what to do about the unofficial representation. This post explains the five options facing Armani, Ignore, Remove, Observe, Endorse and Engage.