1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers. US-based flower supplier and delivery company is integrating Second Life into their real world marketing activities. The project involves (to start with) a small pavilion and greenhouse offering complementary flowers to SL residents – likely to be a popular gift based on the nature of relationships in SL.


Aside from this retail mechanic, the company also makes available representatives on-hand to give visitors information about types of flowers as well as general customer service.

DEO Jim McCann was in-world to launch the venue on June 15, kicking off with a virtual bouquet content running throughout July. Further plans include virtual discussions relating to the future strategy in-world for the company. According to the company, they have already surpassed their success targets for this initiative, proving there’s demand in Second Life for many different types of services and offerings.

Following the newly emerged protocol for SL projects, the company has a supporting website and even offers discounts on real world flowers by quoting a promotional code. Nice cross-promotion.

Here’s the SLurl for 1-800 Flowers and the timeline for retail brands who have entered Second Life to date.

Now, what would be really useful here would be the ability to construct a bouquet virtually and then order it (with delivery) in the real-world. But, they may have been beated to it…..